The Toboggan Table


The Toboggan Table

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The Tobogganist's Diet (NOT)

It should be simple, but sometimes curiosity (and foolishness) gets in the way.

A day of tobogganing isn't exactly an arctic expedition, but it can test your endurance, and the winter climate certainly is no picnic in the park.  Ben Saunders, on his solo North Pole expedition, chose a diet of mainly carbohydrates versus high-fat to help his body persist with energy through such a trek.

Since my tobogganing adventures only last for a single day at most, I instead chose the reverse route.  This then became a brief experiment to discern whether the following meal was beneficial to my performance, or an absolute energy killer.

Enter, the KFC Double Down (with poutine for an extra "kick").

KFC Double Down

Yes, it is as bad as it looks.  And if your heart ventricles didn’t cower at the sight of it, I can tell you, that mine nearly collapsed.

This is the farthest thing from my otherwise quite healthy diet.  But in the name of science and tobogganing, I am willing to take the chance of a coronary artery bypass, while others watch in disgust.

The Aftermath

KFC Double Down (finished it)

Simply put, all the sea water that I’ve ever ingested in my life doesn’t match the levels of saltiness in this meal.  By the end of it I think my body turned into a slab of salt lick for animal feed.

The rest was pure grease and fat.  And I doubt it was the good kind.

1.73 liters of water later my vision finally started to return and I could move my limbs once again.

My curiosity to deduce whether this would be a favorable jolt of energy for an all day tobogganing adventure only proved the opposite.  And bragging rights be damned!  No sensible human being should pay good money to endure such self-torture.

But I did, so you don’t have to.    :)

So have fun tobogganing, and stick to simple beaver tails.

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A Tobogganist’s Dream

My name is Sebastian Dwornik and I am a tobogganist near Toronto, Canada.

Here you will find my thoughts on all matters regarding tobogganing, the web site, and sometimes life in general within the Great White North. (aka. Canada)

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