Sled Review: X Games Arctic Navigator

Arctic Navigator Sled

This sled is very lightweight making it easy to carry around and its construction material feels like some rubbery, flexible foam type that provides great padding for sitting on, and made for a very comfortable ride.

Ribbed surfaceBut the real benefit with its design is that it has a steerable front section that more easily allows you to pivot into a direction of travel.  It also supports a ribbed bottom texture that provides surprisingly good traction to enhance that steering capability.

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It has got comfortable straps in the front and rear to suit any riding style.  Sitting down worked very well enough but lying down headfirst though is where the fun really begins and provided a fun trip down the hill.

So if you've got hills with some obstacles or just an awesome straight away but want some better maneuverability then the Arctic Navigator just might be your ideal sled.

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4.5
Control: 4.0
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 4
Price: 3

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Sled Review: Snow Moto and Summit Surfer

Snow Moto sledX Games Snow Moto

If you remember the GT Sno-racer from the 1980's then the Snow Moto would be its modern little cousin.

Sporting a front-end suspension, good steering, brakes, and twin tip skis, this little speedster provides a comfortable ride and control to make it down most any hill.

It also has a towrope with a built-in docking station to allow for dragging the sled back up the hill.

I will stress that this sled is definitely for the little ones, because it has a seat clearly designed for 4-year olds.  Which is fine because they really enjoyed it.

Snow Moto sledding

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4  (not made for grown-up's though)
Control: 5
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 3
Price: 1

X Games 50" Summit Surfer

When you can’t get your hands on a legit snowboard, the Summit Surfer sled could be the next best thing.

It’s a combination design of a simple snowboard and a general sled for sitting on.  As well it has a ribbed bottom texture for enhanced traction control and steering.

Summit Surfer Sled

The sled is very lightweight and its construction material feels like some rubbery, flexible foam type and provides great padding for sitting on, which made for a very comfortable ride.

In the snowboarding position though, I found the surface texture too slippery for my boots to securely stay in the straps.  So it limited my ride in that respect.

But sitting down worked very well and provided a fun trip down the hill.

Summit Surfer Sledding

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4.5
Control: 2.5
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 4
Price: 3

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Sled Review: The Snow Tube from Tube Pro

If you want the best combination of comfort, speed, and a thrilling fun ride, then it's worth investing in a genuine snow tube.

The fine folks at Tube Pro Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario have built a good business in supplying local ski resorts with industrial grade snow tubes.  The bonus is that they also offer these tubes for retail shoppers as well.

Using a portable air compressor I inflated the tube up in about 10 minutes. 

Inflating the snow tube

carrying snow tube
Don't be fooled kids, this is a sizable sledding device.  So be sure your SUV has room in the back for it.

And it's got some good weight to it as well.  Bringing it back up the hill will require a lot more energy compared to a regular toboggan.

Thankfully this snow tube comes with a large pulling strap so that you can simply drag it back up.

This is an immensely fun ride and other people on the hill were eager to try it out too.

It absorbs the bumps on frozen snow and the more weight you get on it, the faster and farther you travel.  So be sure to choose a hill with a long run off at the bottom, because there are no steering controls here.

snow tube sledding

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 5
Control: 1  (but that's what makes it fun!)
Speed: 4.5
Portability: 2
Price: 1

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Sled Review: Zipfy Mini Luge

It's been a decent winter around here near Toronto, and with it I've been given the chance to try out some new sleds.

Enter the Zipfy Mini Luge

Zipfy (pronounced as Zip'fee) is a Canadian designed, unique sled that is suitable for all ages from about 3+ years old and offers a speedy ride with good control and reasonable comfort.

Zipfy sleds

One important note in its style of riding is that your legs must be elevated to avoid interfering with your speed.  This is easy enough if the hill you are on is as smooth as a newly paved road.  But with most hill rides bouncing you around, my legs would clip the ground and shoot snow in my face as I whipped downhill.

Zipfy sledding

But by the same token, it's also these same forward legs that enable for great breaking power.  Leaning into different angles allowed for some steering, but only if you had enough powder snow to do it in.  On a frozen and hard packed snow base, the sled shot you downhill in a fairly straight line.

Zipfy carryingAnother benefit is its lightweight.  Which anyone can easily carry back up to the top of the hill.

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4
Control: 3
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 5
Price: 4

It's fun, fast, and different.  You can get your own from their online store.

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Sledding... the Zipfy Way!

It’s that time of year again.  As the first snow of the season begins to blanket roads and decorate hills, so do the rainbows of sleds.  While rectangle and circle-shaped models dominate the hills, the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge stands apart - and it’s not just because of its shape.

Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge

Designed with a handle for smoother, easier maneuvering, it transforms sledding into a whole new sport.  By simply leaning in a different direction, you control where you go, avoiding trees and other obstructions in the process.

Zipfy Freestyle Mini LugeHaving a feet-first design also makes stopping quicker and easier, for fewer wipeouts (no more post-sledding bruises!).

It’s also lightweight, which means you can run up the hill and go for more rides without having to lug around a heavy sled.  Just sling it behind your shoulder and before you know it, you’ll be Zipfy’ing through the snow again.

So this season find a hill on our map, grab your mittens, and go for a real ride with the Zipfy Mini Luge!

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