Snow Conditions Feature Added

Now you can view and share updates of the snow conditions on your favourite hills.

To update the snow conditions on any hill, simply log in and go to your desired hill to input the star rating:

Snow conditions update

Once the snow conditions have been updated by a user, the map will highlight the markers for the hills that have new snow conditions.

Snow conditions map updated

Snow condition updates eventually expire after a certain amount of hours to ensure it stays up-to-date.

Now you can check the site for any recent snow conditions update before travelling to that hill.

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How to Add a Toboggan Hill To The Map

It is very easy to add a new toboggan hill to the map.

Here are some simple steps to illustrate this process.

1.)  Verify your hill is not already listed on the map at

You can zoom into the location of where your existing hill is and see if there is a marker on it.

hills map

2.)  If your hill is not on the map, then you can travel to visit your local toboggan hill.

Once you've reached the hill location, you can use a GPS enabled smartphone to get its GPS coordinates.

As well as take a few pictures of the hill to show how steep it looks and the area around it.

hill pic

If you do not have a GPS enabled device, you can still simply use the Google maps interface on to locate the hill precisely as well.

3.)  Return to and click on the 'ADD HILL' tab.

add hill tab

You'll need to login or register with the site first if you haven't already done so.
And then finally add your neighborhood hill(s), with a brief description, your pictures, and a simple rating of its qualities.

add hill marker

hill ratings example

Ratings Explained

1 - Needs a push
2 - Gravity works, barely
3 - Good speed and safe
4 - Fast and fun
5 - Dangerously fast

1 - No serious hazards
2 - Most paths clear
3 - Easily avoided hazards
4 - Some hazards, keep eyes open
5 - Many hazards, be very careful

1 - Hidden gem, you might be the only one
2 - Expect a few other people
3 - Popular but manageable
4 - Very Busy, expect lines and slope damage
5 - Dangerously busy

1 - Very little to no parking available
2 - Some street parking
3 - Short walk from parking lot
4 - Nearby parking lot
5 - Parking nearby and plentiful

That's it!  You're done!

Many sleds will thank you for your kind contribution.   :)

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How to Get GPS Coordinates of a Toboggan Hill

Toboggan hills don't really have a mailing address, so the only reliable way of pin pointing their location is through GPS coordinates.

The 'ADD HILL' feature easily marks the location for you when you're scanning for the exact hill location on the map.

Toboggan Hills Add Hill example coordinates

But there are a variety of other ways to get this specific location data.

Using Google Maps
By default Google Maps doesn't make it very intuitive to grab the latitude and longitude coordinates of a position.  Thankfully, a bunch of friendly people have devised their own solutions to this and shared it with the world.

GPS coördinates
Online Tech Tips

Using Your Smartphone
Here I am - iPhone appMost every Smartphone these days (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) has a built-in GPS receiver.

All that is necessary is to have the correct software on it that is able to display the latitude and longitude decimal coordinates of your current position.

Apps like 'Here I Am' and 'LocateMe' do exactly these things, so that you can save your position for later input into the web site.

Using your Smartphone is also the preferred method because you can grab the exact location when you're actually on the toboggan hill, as well as take some pictures of it.

But no matter what method you use though, as long as the location is accurate, the community of other tobogganists will nevertheless be thankful for your hill contribution.

So get out there and start adding more hills!    :)

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A Tobogganist’s Dream

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