The Snowflakes Are Gathering


Reports are coming in from people sighting flurries and even light snow falls in the north.

The cold weather has hit us early and I predict a decent snow fall this 2012-2013 winter season.

Start dusting off those sleds people!    Laughing

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Winter is coming ...

Bring it on !

winter is coming

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Made it in Today's Parent Magazine

I was recently informed by a friend that made it in one of Canada's national magazines, Today's Parent, (February issue).

Today's Parent Magazine

And with that, I say, THANK YOU !   Laughing

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Comparing Spring (2011 vs 2012)


Comparing Spring 2011 vs 2012

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Comparing Winters

Spring has once again arrived and it already feels like summer.

This past winter season here (near Toronto) has been unseasonably warm.  I made the graph below to illustrate the temperatures over the core snow months.

It’s obviously clear that the colder season in 2011 made for more snow days.

Winter weather temperature history 2011 2012

Less Snow = More Hills

But just because we didn’t get much snow, doesn’t mean other locations didn’t.

site traffic 2011 2012

In fact our traffic grew by 15% and we more than doubled our hill count with a new record of 173 hill locations worldwide!  Check out our Top 10 list for which countries lead.  :)

Once again, I would like to thank all the contributors of toboggan hills and those participating in the community to make the site an awesome success.

If you have any comments or suggestions as to how yet to improve the site, or would like to discuss banner advertising, cross marketing, or affiliates, please don't hesitate to contact me.

There are still more plans for in the coming next winter 2012/2013 season.

So keep those sleds ready, and hope for tons of snow!   :)

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What it is like Tobogganing in Europe

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"Cool Runnings" means "Peace Be The Journey."

Cool Runnings the movie
It’s no secret that this winter around here (Toronto area) has been lacking when it comes to snow.

In response to the mild season, many parks around the world have set up ice chute tobogganing, resembling the popular track design used in bobsledding.  With some chutes reaching over 1,000 feet, sledding enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of high speeds and a long run.

Just as in the 1993 film, “Cool Runnings,” tobogganists can also race each other, in teams of four to six, in a traditionally crafted toboggan.

So with or without snow, you can still enjoy the thrill of tobogganing this winter season.

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Snow Finally Arrives

I've been waiting for this.  :)

baby in snow

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How A Toboggan Is Made

How A Toboggan Is Made

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Let's Go Exploring!

Let's go exploring

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