Year End Ultimate Sledding

As the 2011 year comes to an end, all of us here at would like to wish you happy holidays, lots of snow for those toboggan hills, and all the best for the New Year 2012!  Smile

ultimate sledding


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Sledding... the Zipfy Way!

It’s that time of year again.  As the first snow of the season begins to blanket roads and decorate hills, so do the rainbows of sleds.  While rectangle and circle-shaped models dominate the hills, the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge stands apart - and it’s not just because of its shape.

Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge

Designed with a handle for smoother, easier maneuvering, it transforms sledding into a whole new sport.  By simply leaning in a different direction, you control where you go, avoiding trees and other obstructions in the process.

Zipfy Freestyle Mini LugeHaving a feet-first design also makes stopping quicker and easier, for fewer wipeouts (no more post-sledding bruises!).

It’s also lightweight, which means you can run up the hill and go for more rides without having to lug around a heavy sled.  Just sling it behind your shoulder and before you know it, you’ll be Zipfy’ing through the snow again.

So this season find a hill on our map, grab your mittens, and go for a real ride with the Zipfy Mini Luge!

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Top 3 Toboggan Hills From Classic Holiday Movies

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Tobogganing in Ottawa's Greenbelt

The Ottawa region has some of the best toboggan hills along the Greenbelt.  Be sure to check them out this winter, and while you're at it take some pictures and post them on our map!

Tobogganing in Ottawa's Greenbelt

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Coming soon … Winter

Welcome to another fine season of (soon to be) winter.

It might make some people cry, but here at HQ, we work for snow!

unassembled snowmen

Stay tuned…. more to come.

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The Year 'Round Sled

Summer sled
Do you love winter sledding but hate the cold and snow?

Well then, the Year 'Round Sled might just be your ticket.

With summer approaching quickly, the great toboggan hills are now replaced with green grass.

But that doesn’t stop the passionate tobogganer from continuing their sport in the summer time with the use of this invention.

Check out the video.

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Spring is Here! (Part II)

Melted snowmanThe white stuff has finally melted and a whole continent rejoices.

It has been a long winter here in Canada.  With it though, over 70+ toboggan hills worldwide have been added this past 2010/2011 season!

I would like to thank all the contributors of toboggan hills and those participating in the community to make the site an awesome success.  Some of you may even have ranked in our Top 10 list.

If you have any comments or suggestions as to how yet to improve the site, please don't hesitate to contact me.

There are big plans for in the coming next winter 2011/2012 season.

So keep those sleds ready.   :)

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Spring is Here!

My backyard currently.

snow in spring

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Snowman Slide in South Lake Tahoe

*Awesome* doesn't even begin to describe it.

Simply *wow*.

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5 Reasons to LOVE Snow

Snow Sports
Snowboarding, skiing, and of course, tobogganing/sledding are dependent on the white stuff.  And lots of it!  It’s an excellent way of staying active and relatively cheap.  Especially tobogganing.


4 Seasons

Unlike other parts of the world where you basically have a dry season and a wet season, the presence of snow clearly divides the year into four (4) separate seasons.

It’s a wonderful reminder of change and time passing.  Also, there’s nothing like a jolt of arctic air to make you feel alive.

four seasons

It's Pretty

A full covering of snow over a forest or neighborhood landscape makes the scene look pretty and tranquil.

snow trees

Memorable Childhood

Snowmen, snow angels, snow ball fights, building forts, and sledding are among the magical childhood moments of growing up with snow.

tobogganing kiddies

Snow Day!

Whether it's a day off from school or work, everyone loves a snow day.   Laughing

snow day

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A Tobogganist’s Dream

My name is Sebastian Dwornik and I am a tobogganist near Toronto, Canada.

Here you will find my thoughts on all matters regarding tobogganing, the web site, and sometimes life in general within the Great White North. (aka. Canada)

Have feedback? Don’t be shy and post your comments within the forum.


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