2011 Winter Forecast for Toronto

Tobogganing in SalzburgBeing warm blooded creatures, humans generally hate the cold.  Thank goodness for technology, like advanced clothing materials that keep us warm and protected against the winter elements.

But snow on the other hand, depends on certain cold temperatures, and snow is something we at tobogganhills.com look forward to.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac currently predicts for this 2010/2011 winter season, “.. above-normal snowfall in the east and west .. “  Which is great, if it comes true, because tobogganing in wet slush is not our idea of fun.

So let’s hope for a plentiful amount of white powder snow to blanket our cities and hills this season, for a beautiful view filled with cheerful adventures in tobogganing.    :)

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How to Get GPS Coordinates of a Toboggan Hill

Toboggan hills don't really have a mailing address, so the only reliable way of pin pointing their location is through GPS coordinates.

The TobogganHills.com 'ADD HILL' feature easily marks the location for you when you're scanning for the exact hill location on the map.

Toboggan Hills Add Hill example coordinates

But there are a variety of other ways to get this specific location data.

Using Google Maps
By default Google Maps doesn't make it very intuitive to grab the latitude and longitude coordinates of a position.  Thankfully, a bunch of friendly people have devised their own solutions to this and shared it with the world.

GPS coördinates
Online Tech Tips

Using Your Smartphone
Here I am - iPhone appMost every Smartphone these days (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.) has a built-in GPS receiver.

All that is necessary is to have the correct software on it that is able to display the latitude and longitude decimal coordinates of your current position.

Apps like 'Here I Am' and 'LocateMe' do exactly these things, so that you can save your position for later input into the TobogganHills.com web site.

Using your Smartphone is also the preferred method because you can grab the exact location when you're actually on the toboggan hill, as well as take some pictures of it.

But no matter what method you use though, as long as the location is accurate, the community of other tobogganists will nevertheless be thankful for your hill contribution.

So get out there and start adding more hills!    :)

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I'd Rather Be Tobogganing

 Yes, yes I would.   :)

I'd Rather Be Tobogganing

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Tobogganing in Second Life

Even the virtual world of Second Life cannot escape the thrill and excitement of tobogganing.

Tobogganing in Second Life

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Why TobogganHills.com ?

snowy hill with treesIn February of 2008, on a brisk and sunny winter’s afternoon, I drove to a hill within a conservation park over 60km away from my home.

This hill is special to me as it is where my father brought my sister and I tobogganing during our childhood years.

The only downside is that it is far from where I live now, and since I didn’t know of any other hills within my new area, I had little choice.

I would ask my friends and neighbors for local hills, but that wasn’t very dependable.

And so it then struck me, wondering why I couldn’t just Google Map search for toboggan hills ?

Better yet, why wasn’t there a web site that collected, organized, and mapped various hill locations ?

After procrastinating on the idea for almost two (2) years, (hey, what can I say, I was busy), it was time to make it a reality.

What you see here is the culmination of much time and energy towards the goal of building an online community where anyone can find and add toboggan hills in their local area.

Whether you’re located in the mountain ranges, flat prairies, or even Antarctica, there is surely a toboggan hill near you at one point or another.

So if it’s not listed on our map, then by all means please add it.

The world will thank you, and so will many sleds, in helping contribute to an awesome winter activity.

Happy tobogganing!    :)

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TobogganHills.com Goes Live!

open signWoohoo!

The doors are open!    :)

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A Tobogganist’s Dream

My name is Sebastian Dwornik and I am a tobogganist near Toronto, Canada.

Here you will find my thoughts on all matters regarding tobogganing, the web site, and sometimes life in general within the Great White North. (aka. Canada)

Have feedback? Don’t be shy and post your comments within the forum.


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