Air Jordan 13 Black Cat Drops This Weekend

Wednesday, August 01, 2018, by lucy blair
Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,The Air Jordan 13 ”Black Cat” is set for release this weekend and is tipped to be one of the brand’s more popular releases this quarter. The Air Jordan 13 'Black Cat' has been lurking in the shadows for a while – but now we can confirm that we have an official release date for the pure black prowler.The Air Jordan 13 Black Cat is the latest Jordan shoe to be released this year, following the Air Jordan XII Low ”Max Orange.” You'll have to flip forward a few pages on the calendar, as the feline Jay won't be available until January 21, 2017. The entire silhouette was inspired by Michael’s personification as a black panther on the court – he was quick, agile, would strike with purpose, and had a killer instinct.Both the paw prints on the outsole and the hologram – which when you turn off the lights shine up to mimic a panther’s eye, all resembles the Black Cat.We’re just not sure what took them this long. The Air Jordan 13 returns under the guise of a panther in this sleek ‘Black Cat’ iteration. Since the start of the year, the brand has released the Air Jordan XV ”Stealth,’, one of the highly-anticipated Jordan Brand sneakers in 2017.The angular side-panels of the basketball silhouette are made-up in lustrous black while the holographic heel disc shines like a feline eye lit by headlights.Matching 3M laces add a premium touch while a unique panther logo hits each insole in white so there’s no denying the inspiration behind this unique pair.The release will come housed in the OG Silver box.Like MJ, the black cat is the ultimate predator as it combines speed and stealth with a killer instinct that no other player in history has displayed.This release features a full Black upper with 3M reflective detailing that also includes matching 3M laces. The iconic Air Jordan silhouette features a black suede upper with reflective-backed mesh paneling and matching reflective silver striping in the laces.

Air Jordan 13 Black Cat Drops This Weekend

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