Sled Review: Zipfy Mini Luge

Friday, February 08, 2013, by Sebastian Dwornik

It's been a decent winter around here near Toronto, and with it I've been given the chance to try out some new sleds.

Enter the Zipfy Mini Luge

Zipfy (pronounced as Zip'fee) is a Canadian designed, unique sled that is suitable for all ages from about 3+ years old and offers a speedy ride with good control and reasonable comfort.

Zipfy sleds

One important note in its style of riding is that your legs must be elevated to avoid interfering with your speed.  This is easy enough if the hill you are on is as smooth as a newly paved road.  But with most hill rides bouncing you around, my legs would clip the ground and shoot snow in my face as I whipped downhill.

Zipfy sledding

But by the same token, it's also these same forward legs that enable for great breaking power.  Leaning into different angles allowed for some steering, but only if you had enough powder snow to do it in.  On a frozen and hard packed snow base, the sled shot you downhill in a fairly straight line.

Zipfy carryingAnother benefit is its lightweight.  Which anyone can easily carry back up to the top of the hill.

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4
Control: 3
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 5
Price: 4

It's fun, fast, and different.  You can get your own from their online store.

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