Sled Review: The Snow Tube from Tube Pro

Monday, February 11, 2013, by Sebastian Dwornik

If you want the best combination of comfort, speed, and a thrilling fun ride, then it's worth investing in a genuine snow tube.

The fine folks at Tube Pro Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario have built a good business in supplying local ski resorts with industrial grade snow tubes.  The bonus is that they also offer these tubes for retail shoppers as well.

Using a portable air compressor I inflated the tube up in about 10 minutes. 

Inflating the snow tube

carrying snow tube
Don't be fooled kids, this is a sizable sledding device.  So be sure your SUV has room in the back for it.

And it's got some good weight to it as well.  Bringing it back up the hill will require a lot more energy compared to a regular toboggan.

Thankfully this snow tube comes with a large pulling strap so that you can simply drag it back up.

This is an immensely fun ride and other people on the hill were eager to try it out too.

It absorbs the bumps on frozen snow and the more weight you get on it, the faster and farther you travel.  So be sure to choose a hill with a long run off at the bottom, because there are no steering controls here.

snow tube sledding

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 5
Control: 1  (but that's what makes it fun!)
Speed: 4.5
Portability: 2
Price: 1

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