Sled Review: Snow Moto and Summit Surfer

Sunday, February 17, 2013, by Sebastian Dwornik

Snow Moto sledX Games Snow Moto

If you remember the GT Sno-racer from the 1980's then the Snow Moto would be its modern little cousin.

Sporting a front-end suspension, good steering, brakes, and twin tip skis, this little speedster provides a comfortable ride and control to make it down most any hill.

It also has a towrope with a built-in docking station to allow for dragging the sled back up the hill.

I will stress that this sled is definitely for the little ones, because it has a seat clearly designed for 4-year olds.  Which is fine because they really enjoyed it.

Snow Moto sledding

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4  (not made for grown-up's though)
Control: 5
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 3
Price: 1

X Games 50" Summit Surfer

When you can’t get your hands on a legit snowboard, the Summit Surfer sled could be the next best thing.

It’s a combination design of a simple snowboard and a general sled for sitting on.  As well it has a ribbed bottom texture for enhanced traction control and steering.

Summit Surfer Sled

The sled is very lightweight and its construction material feels like some rubbery, flexible foam type and provides great padding for sitting on, which made for a very comfortable ride.

In the snowboarding position though, I found the surface texture too slippery for my boots to securely stay in the straps.  So it limited my ride in that respect.

But sitting down worked very well and provided a fun trip down the hill.

Summit Surfer Sledding

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4.5
Control: 2.5
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 4
Price: 3

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