Sled Review: X Games Arctic Navigator

Saturday, February 21, 2015, by Sebastian Dwornik

Arctic Navigator Sled

This sled is very lightweight making it easy to carry around and its construction material feels like some rubbery, flexible foam type that provides great padding for sitting on, and made for a very comfortable ride.

Ribbed surfaceBut the real benefit with its design is that it has a steerable front section that more easily allows you to pivot into a direction of travel.  It also supports a ribbed bottom texture that provides surprisingly good traction to enhance that steering capability.

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It has got comfortable straps in the front and rear to suit any riding style.  Sitting down worked very well enough but lying down headfirst though is where the fun really begins and provided a fun trip down the hill.

So if you've got hills with some obstacles or just an awesome straight away but want some better maneuverability then the Arctic Navigator just might be your ideal sled.

(1 = not ideal -to- 5 = Awesome)

Comfort: 4.5
Control: 4.0
Speed: 3.5
Portability: 4
Price: 3

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